Astral Magic Online Course

Astral Magic Online Course

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Please join us as we explore the Magic of the Astral Realms!

In this magical, mind expanding workshop you will learn how to safely navigate whole new worlds and strange new dimensions.

In this one day interactive event, we will cover:

Astral Self Defense

Astral Gates, Paths and Portals

The Use of Tarot, Runes and Symbols as Doorways to Other Worlds

Sigil Magic for Wish Fulfillment

Mapping the Magical and Shamanic Dimensions

About the Instructor: Paul Diamond has initiated and worked deeply in various streams of Shamanic, Tantric, Yogic, Taoist and Sufi mysticism. He holds multiple degrees including an BSc in Chinese Medicine and a Masters in the Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience. Paul offers a unique experience-base and perspective, bridging spiritual and scientific understandings of consciousness and spiritual practice, in a harmonious and effective manner. More on Paul


  • This workshop is a 5.5 hour self-paced digital download. Students will receive a link, embedded in a PDF syllabus, upon registration.

  • Total Cost: $40 USD to be submitted upon registration.

Message us through Facebook or Email with questions. We look forward to seeing you!