Lucid Dreaming Online Course

Lucid Dreaming Online Course

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Tantraya Mystery School
Lucid Dreaming Online Course



Thank you for your interest in this Tantraya Mystery School course as we explore the extraordinary worlds of Lucid Dreaming, Dream Yoga, and Shamanic Dream work! In this one day interactive workshop, we will explore:

- The science of Sleep and Dreams

- The Mind-Bending world of Lucid Dreaming: Create your own Reality

- The Yogas of Dream and Sleep: Tibetan Dream Practices for awakening to Ultimate Reality

- Shamanic Dreamwork to shift Realities

- Plants, herbs, and supplements for easy Lucidity

About the Instructor: Paul Diamond has initiated and worked deeply in various streams of Shamanic, Tantric, Yogic, Taoist and Sufi mysticism. He holds multiple degrees including an BSc in Chinese Medicine and a Masters in the Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience. Paul offers a unique experience-base and perspective, bridging spiritual and scientific understandings of consciousness and spiritual practice, in a harmonious and effective manner. More on Paul

Course Materials:

- Lucid Dreaming Slideshow PDF

- Lucid Dreaming Course Video 

- Lucid Dreaming Course Audio File

- Lucid Dreaming Course Syllabus