Astral Projection & The Awakening of the Body Light Online Course

Astral Projection & The Awakening of the Body Light Online Course

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Astral Projection & The Awakening of the Body of Light - Recorded for 2-Day Self-Paced Study

In this reality expanding course , you will have the opportunity to learn secrets kept hidden for centuries within the Mystery Schools.

Awaken your energy body ~ Experience other dimensions of Reality ~ Confirm for yourself the existence of consciousness beyond death ~ Meet Guides, Spiritual Beings, and Ascended Masters ~ Explore the Magical and Shamanic Universe ~Travel beyond the body

Within this highly experiential course, we will explore practices that will, within a very short time, energize, activate and empower the energy body of the student, such that, the student will begin to experience the projection of their energetic body beyond the confines of the Physical.

This extra-ordinary ability, long confined to Yogis, Mystics, and Magicians can now be Yours!

You will learn:

The history and theory of the projection of the Astral Body
The history and theory of the Astral Planes
The topography of the Energy Body
Practises that awaken the Body of Light
How to activate all the primary, secondary and tertiary energy centers of the body
How to project the Astral Double
How to use Astral doorways to explore the Magical Universe

*The supplemental Astral Magic workshop is highly recommended for students who complete Astral Projection & The Awakening of the Body of Light.


  • This workshop is an 11 hour, self-paced, 2-part digital download. Students will receive the links via e-mail, embedded in a PDF syllabus, upon registration.

  • Total Cost: $60 USD to be submitted upon registration.

About the Instructor: Paul Diamond has initiated and worked deeply in various streams of Shamanic, Tantric, Yogic, Taoist and Sufi mysticism. He holds multiple degrees including an BSc in Chinese Medicine and a Masters in the Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience. Paul offers a unique experience-base and perspective, bridging spiritual and scientific understandings of consciousness and spiritual practice, in a harmonious and effective manner. More on Paul